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Friday Fancies

Little Lady Little City - Friday Fancies
This is my new favorite gif. I will now start using it as a way to reply to any and all things.

Posts I'm Loving : LOVING Jess's new Shitty Friends Series! She totally nailed the idea of the default friend! // Going to an all girls school stereotype vs reality (yup that is pretty spot on especially the one about cake haha!)  // Brooke was as cute as a button for her 21st birthday! (Happy Belated Birthday Lady!!) // Strawberry dragon fruit sorbet get in my belly right now please! // Confused Cats Against Feminism is my new favorite thing! // It's such a bummer seeing large companies steal independent artists work and passing it off as theirs

Get In My Closet Please : Anthropologie why are all of your adorable dresses so expensive! // I'm such a sucker for a Peter Pan collar // Love this patterned dress // These floral shorts are beyond adorable! // I do love a good white simple slip on sneaker // This spiked friendship bracelet is kind of awesome // Polka dot jeans? Yes please!

This week's Fancies is a little shorter than usual mainly because I am in the process of getting things packed up for our drive back east on Monday. It's crazy to think that we have been out here for almost three months longer than normal, but at the same time I can hardly believe we are leaving already. It is going to be very nice to be back on our mountain top and away from all the hustle and bustle though, I have a feeling Wigs and Sylvester are going to be very happy too, because the mountain means walks and lots of fun (supervised) outside time.

What are you all up to this weekend?

x's and o's 

Sweet Treats: Starburst Sorbet Bars

Starburst Sorbet Bars - Little Lady Little City
Will and I aren't usually still in Phoenix during the summer months, so we have been doing our best trying to keep cool, which means lots of our free time has been spent in the pool. Thankfully, the sun hasn't made the pool water too much like bathwater yet. However, sometimes just the pool isn’t quite enough, and that’s when we double treat ourselves with something sweat. Our newest obsession is the STARBURST Sorbet Bars. I mean, summer pool fun and sweet cold treats do go hand in hand right?!
Starburst Sorbet Bars - Little Lady Little City
Starburst Sorbet Bars - Little Lady Little City
As a kid my parents would always treat us once a week to some kind of cold goodie to enjoy in the pool. I was notorious for getting pool water all over mine or letting my brother trick me out of half of it, haha. But nowadays I am far more careful about making sure to get all it in my mouth and not losing one drop. With only 70 calories in each bar there is no reason to not enjoy the whole thing.
Starburst Sorbet Bars - Little Lady Little City
Another reason why I'm loving these STARBURST Sorbet Bars is that you can also turn them into an amazingly delicious and refreshing drink in just a couple seconds. Just take a bar and place in a glass full of your favorite lemon lime soda. Also if you want a yummy adult beverage to enjoy poolside just add some of your favorite flavored vodka (my fave is pineapple)
Starburst Sorbet Bars - Little Lady Little City
a silly gif for good measure :)
So it’s pretty easy to see why STARBURST Sorbet Bars are on the top of my treat yo self sweet treat list this summer.

The lovely people over at Starburst are giving two lucky readers (US only, sorry) a chance to try the sorbet bars out for themselves for FREE! All you have to do to enter a chance to win is leave a comment saying how you would enjoy them: by the pool, in the park, or at the beach? The giveaway will be open until Sunday August 3rd 11:59 PM EST. 

To stay update with all all things Starburst be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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Teen Witch Forever!

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As I mentioned the other day I had some friends over to watch the 1989 classic that is Teen Witch. I think we had all forgotten just how silly the movie was but we had a great time. During one particularly silly scene I offhandedly mentioned that I needed an illustration of this scene just because it was so ridiculous. Well, Will took note and spent last week recreating this scene, and best of all he put me in the role of Louise!! Ahhh! I cannot wait to get our new place all done so that I can print and frame all of the amazing illustrations he has been making me lately. I am seriously so lucky to have such a talented husband. 

This week we are finally gearing up to head back to the mountain for several months. I can hardly believe we have been away from it for so long (thanks to  a lot super crappy stuff). We leave Monday for a long four days of driving, but hopefully we will be able to make a couple fun stops a long the way! 

x's and o's
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