Favorites Friday a day late again, haha

I got distracted yesterday and spent all day working on my new layout and I completely forgot to do Favorite Fridays, which seems to be a common reoccurrence as of late, haha! But hey better late than never right?
Who doesn't love an octopus?
After five seasons this show is still one of the best shows on tv.  Sadly this season will be it's last.  Thank goodness most of the seasons are available on Netflix instant view.
Isn't this to die for! I would love to have this little porcelain pill box for my very own.  The threepennycollective has some of the cutest little vintage items for sale, definitely worth checking out!
On of my favorite bloggers, the Dainty Squid, has one of the most amazing looking craft rooms.  I am pretty much beyond jealous, haha!
I still cry every time during the first 15 minutes of Up even though I have seen it about a dozen times.  I love this movie so very very much! 
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

x's and o's

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  1. Up is such a beautiful movie.
    The first part is indeed very sad :(



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