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Portland Part 3

I think one of the things I love most about Portland are all the wonderfully interesting shops that they have. We went to this one (I wish I could remember the name) that was a massive warehouse full of really interesting knick-knacks and furniture. I think I could have spent all day just walking around all the little hallways. Oh I wish I had tons of money and could buy all the goodies that I fell in love with and mailed them back to our tiny mountain home, sigh maybe one day. Until then I have these pictures to lust over, hehe. 
Look at all those lanterns! How pretty would those be in a backyard or something. 
Will found these bizzarre paper masks, they actually creeped me out slightly. 
On the night before our last day in Portland we went and had dinner that the amazing venue Lex and Eric are having their wedding at next year. Get this, it's an old elementary school turned hotel, restaurant and bar! Eeee! It's kind of the coolest thing ever! I believe it's run by a family who buys up these old buildings that were most likely just going to be torn down and then they convert them into restaurants and hotels, kind of awesome right?! If you couldn't already tell I'm kind of in love with the place! I think we are going to get a room the night of the wedding and then stay with friends the rest of the time we are out there to save money, but at least we get to stay once at this place! I'm sure when the wedding comes around there will be plenty of pictures. 

Anyways after dinner of course it was another great opportunity for couple photos.  
How adorable are these two, seriously they are the cutest! 
My new favorite dress, which you can't actually see very well in this photo haha. 
We had an amazing time, and I can't wait to go back I already miss getting to hang out with Lex everyday like crazy. There is just going to be one more Portland like post come this Saturday which I'm sure excited about! 

Until then hope you all are having a wonderful weekend, tomorrow is Friday, yay! Anyone else rushing out to the theaters to see Prometheus tomorrow? Will and I can hardly wait! 

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  1. Oh I love Portland so so so much! Your photos are making me a little jealous ;-). I'm glad you had such a great time!

  2. I've always wanted to visit portland, it looks like such a cool city :) sounds like you guys had a fun time! xx

  3. Your photos are so beautiful. Can't wait for your next post.

  4. those lanterns in the first picture are beautiful!

  5. I love the look of Portland, I would love to visit. Shame it's about a 16 hour flight away!

  6. These photos are lovely, I always wanted to visit the USA, not the big cities but somewhere smaller with character like Portland. It looks almost magical. Can't wait to see some more xo

  7. Portland is a wonderful city-- I used to go all the time when I lived in San Francisco {there & Seattle too}-- love seeing it being explored & enjoyed!


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  9. I wish I knew the name of the shop you're talking about! I live in Portland and so badly want to visit this little place you speak of! haha :)

    xo, Samantha

  10. Portland was never a city on my go-to list but after seeing your photos, I'm more and more interested. It looks like a really cool town!

  11. I've always wanted to go to Portland. Adorable pictures!!!

  12. I actually think the creepy mask is kind of cool ;)

  13. Very nice photos!!!




  14. Oh man, every time I hear about someone's trip to Portland, I immediately want to spend a long weekend there. I'm with you, I wish I had lots of money to spend in that shop.

  15. I love those lanterns. They would be great wedding reception decorations xx


  16. awwww i love this! ive always wanted to go to portland!


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