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I'm so excited for fall, I just don't think anyone has told the weather out here what is up yet. Today was so oddly warm, around 85. Not so much sweater weather yet, so I threw on one of my favorite summery outfits. 

I found this shirt on one of my trips back to my dad's house in Phoenix. I think my mom had bought it for me when I was in high school and I remember just hating it, but when I found it in my closet recently I got so excited! It's just so cute and comfy, two of my favorite things, and I think it works pretty wonderful with my skirt. Side note aren't polka-dots just kind of the best thing ever? (If your answer is yes we need to be friends!) 
shirt // Old Navy (forever ago)
skirt // Ruche
shoes // Forever 21
necklace // Fred Flare
glasses // Coastal
I love pocket watch's as necklaces, there is just something so fancy about them.
I am so excited about my new glasses. For the first time in my life of wearing glasses I have more than one pair to chose from, also I am pretty thrilled about them because I only spent $30! So if any of you guys are looking for some glasses you should check out Coastal, they have super cute frames and always seem to be having big sales. 

How's everyones week been going? Any big plans for the weekend?

My dad is actually flying out today and I am so excited! I'm trying to think of some fun things to do with him while he is here before the wedding (aside from helping with lots of wedding related projects which is something he will have to do, haha).

x's and o's


  1. I almost ordered those exact same glasses (except in the gray color) the other day, but Coastal's site was down so I haven't ordered them yet. Those ones are cute on you!

  2. Your glasses are soooo amazing!!

  3. You are too bloody cute! All I'm doing this weekend is studying for midterms :(

  4. Someone needs to tell the weather here in Texas that I am ready for fall as well! I LOVE this outfit, yes polka dots are the best so let's be friends! I need that color skirt in my life and also that shirt does look pretty wonderful. I love your glasses and I'm in the market for new frames, I'm wondering if that shape would look good on me? Hmm!


  5. What an adorable outfit! And loving the glasses as well. :) I've heard good things about Coastal, so maybe I'll have to try it? I just get so anxious about buying a pair of glasses I haven't actually tried on. I'm so picky! They look so fab on you tho! :)

  6. What a great outfit! And those frames are fantastic. Now I am going to check out that site- my frames are just too boring...Looking fab!

    Understated Classics

  7. Isn't Coastal awesome? I just got my first two pairs from them not long ago, and love 'em! cute!

  8. You're so cute. I love this outfit. It looks like something you can just throw on without much thought and then still look adorable. (I have a hard time finding this cozy little spot in my wardrobe. So, I'm taking notes!!)

    I also adore your glasses. Before you mentioned they were new at the end there, I was like, what the what!! Amanda got new glasses! :)

    Have an awesome time with your dad. Be sure to go exploring.

  9. I was going to mention your glasses. They are super cute. Even though you have a choice for glasses, I hope you choose this pair every time :)

  10. I love those glasses on you. I think I have the same pair in purple. But I'm really digging the white!

  11. LOVE those glasses! I was actually going to buy a pair from Warby Parker today, but I may have to reconsider. :)
    Also, pretty sure I have that same skirt. Adorable!


  12. Lovely outfit! Your glasses are so cute x

  13. absolutely loving all of this.... including the polka dots and and the pocket watch necklace. I have about 3 of them!

  14. Yes to polka dots, a million times, yes!

    Cute frames. I'll have to check out that site.

  15. I love all of the little elements in this outfit, like the glasses and the necklace and the polka dots. Really nice ensemble! :)


  16. It's still warm here too :( I'm pretty sad about that. I am ready for breezy, crisp, cool Fall weather so bad!!! ♥Lindsay

  17. Love everything about the outfit, especially the skirt. And this warmer weather needs to get out of here for cool fall-time temperatures!

  18. You look SO cute, as always :)

    By the way, I totally know I owe you a guest post and will get it to you ASAP :)

  19. oh my goodness, those glasses are stinkin adorable!! i'm going to look at that site right away, i LOVE those! and your outfit is really cute, i love the polka dots! and isn't that the best when you find an old thing in your closet you forgot about or didnt like and now you love it?? thats the best!

  20. cuteeee. that necklace. and the glasses. and polka dots?? you're pretty cool in my book.

  21. YAY for finding new/old things, YAY for polka dots, YAY for ahmahzingly cute glasses, and YAY for dads.


    ps. I said yes, so lets be friends.

  22. Great outfit and AMAZING necklace! I almost bought one similar to it, although I'm glad I didn't because yours puts it to shame - it's gorgeous!

  23. great look! love the shoes - such a pretty color! I have a similar necklace that I bought in Spain at Pull&Bear!

  24. This outfit is so cute, I LOVE the polka dot skirt!

  25. Super cute glasses! If I were you I'd be sporting those for the rest of my life!

  26. Super cute sunglasses - I'll have to check that site out! Love the necklace too!

  27. Love that shirt! I can't believe you hated it in highschool :-)
    also I may have to get glasses from coastal only $30!

  28. Oh my goodness how ADORABLE are you and your style!!? How am I just now finding your blog! I love your sense of style and you seem so sweet and down to earth. So glad you left a comment on my blog (thank you so much btw!) so I could find you! :)
    Yes: Polka dots are the best thing ever, and I completely agree with you on the weather! Georgia needs to calm down with all this humidity haha


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