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Salt Lake City

We had such a blast while in Salt Lake City (even if it was overcast and snowy the whole time) thanks to the absolutely adorable Gentri! It's funny I've been blogging for a little while and Gentri was actually the first blogger friend I have met in real life, so I was all kinds of nervous (and probably totally awkward haha), but after a little bit of hanging out I felt like we had been friends for years. If you don't already follow her blog get on it, she seriously won't disappoint! 
She was kind enough kind enough to show Will and I around Salt Lake City. We got to check out Temple Square and drove around downtown a little bit. I love when large cities feel more like an old little town, I am just such a sucker for old brick buildings. 
Then the next day we went sledding up at Soldier Hollow and had such a blast! They pull you up the hill which was amazing because climbing back up the hill is always the worst part.  Sadly I only had my little camera with me so the pictures aren't the greatest, but I have a feeling you can still see how awesome this place is!
My fancy hat, my head has never been so warm!
Will getting pulled up the mountain. 
We are now out in Kansas City for the next couple of days for the doc. Anything we should check out while we are here?

Hope you guys are having a great weekend! 

x's and o's

Also how is it already February? Is time just flying by for anyone else?


  1. Oh my, the temple looks so beautiful!!

  2. I love seeing all your adventure pictures, you look like you're having so much fun!

  3. Wah, that sledging looks amazing! Sledging is so the best fun ever, and then they pull you back up! Perfect! I went sledging with some friends last year and then they all wussed out cause climbing back up the hill was too much effort. lol. Sounds like you had an awesome time.

  4. I have a few friends who live in Salt Lake City and I want to go visit them so badly because it looks so beautiful in everyone's photos!

    And I have to agree, it's kind of crazy that the first month of 2013 has already come and gone!

  5. I'm so glad you came to SLC! It's wonderful :-) I love your furry hat!! So so cute :-) Xo

  6. Woah -- LIVE in Utah and I think you experienced more in a few days than I have in a few years!

  7. This looks so lovely I am SO jealous.

  8. AW yay!! I love this and already miss you guys, so much! Would you mind sending me any and all pictures?!

  9. AHHHH my home! this is so exciting seeing pictures from slc! i hope you had a blast. slc really has some awesome little treasures. you just have to look for them. i just took this weekend to explore downtown, and i found all sorts of new things.

  10. Looks like a lot of fun! I love your glasses.

  11. I'd love to have joined you. It's 36 degrees here and I rather fancy some cold weather. Love the hat.

  12. how cool are you for going OUT in the cold weather?
    it's about 50 degrees here and I feel sad for being chilly.

    enjoy it! looks like a super fun adventure!

  13. Those photos are gorgeous! What a fun trip. :-D



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